December 9, 2011

Be Quiet

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Article by: Will Watson

For a while it has seemed like the Lord has been kind of silent in my life. I guess He does this to everybody, and I can’t say it’s always easy to understand His reasoning behind it. Some will say, “It’s to show you that He’s always there to lean on,” while others might say, “He wants you to prove your faithfulness to Him.” I made the mistake recently of jumping to one of these conclusions in a conversation I was having. We have to be careful with regards to God’s character and actioins unless He chooses to reveal this to us.  We cannot explain why an infinite being does anything. He just does because He is. If He chooses not to speak, I’m absolutely cool with that. If He does speak, I’ll still feel absolutely ok with it. He can do whatever He wants, and we cannot forget that.

But when He does speak. . . Wow!

I guess He just decided to turn my radio back on, and I’m so glad. He hasn’t been audible and He hasn’t really spoken words into my heart, but He’s moving and shaking things in my life that I never saw coming. And this is good. Very good. It all started when I read Psalm 27, and He hasn’t stopped talking since. It would be hard for me to get into any details of exactly what He did/said, but just know that He will always find a way to get your attention. He basically rerouted my mindset by making me realize that I just need to wait on Him. I need to trust Him. I need to seek His face. I need to just desire to be with Him. There’s no use in walking around feeling condemned because I don’t think I’m doing “enough” for His Kingdom. Truth is, I’ll never be able to do “enough.”

Regarding how quiet He had been in my case, I can come to just one conclusion: He wanted me to be quiet enough to hear Him.  Sometimes all He desires for us to do is sit and be in His presence, even if it feels and sounds as if nothing is happening. We may sit in silence and not hear from Him at all. But coming into His presence does not always mean simply waiting for Him to speak. It often means getting yourself recharged. So, if it seems like He has been silent recently in your life, keep pressing forward and believe that He is either wanting you to get quiet enough for you to hear from Him, or He is simply trying to say, as David found out, that the beauty of seeking His face is more than enough!

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