December 9, 2011

Hey Mikey – December

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Is it okay to have some “fun” with my lessons by using illustrations, object lessons, skits, etc?

Hey Entertainer,
Ask yourself this question. Am I trying to find an object lesson to help illstrate the message the Lord has spoken? Or am I simply trying to gets laughs out of a funny skit, illustration, or object lesson? Your plans should not be centered around these things. Illustrations must flow from the word, not vice versa.

I have personally done and also seen people do things just for the sake of fun and have no purpose whatsoever. After the Lord has given you something specific to teach, ask him to give you things to compliment your message instead of distract. Illustrations that further “drive home” the Word the Lord has given you can actually be lasting and benficial. However, always keep these things as compliments to your message, never letting the majority of your preparation be centered around them.

My wife wants to be more involved with ministry but doesn’t know where to start, any advice?

Hey Lesser Half,
Talk to your wife and see what she is comfortable with doing. Don’t just plunge her into a situation without first talking to her and seeing how she feels about it. Ministers’ wives can be great blessings. Allow your wife to counsel girls in your youth group, talking about issues that you can’t really talk about–ya know–girl stuff. Your wife can be a great extension of you, and making sure your students feel this way will greatly benefit both you, your wife, and your ministry.

I’m starting a new ministry, where should I begin?

Hey New Guy,
Ask the lord for a vision for this ministry. Though experience in youth ministry will help you, this is a new group of people with new needs and different paths, so make sure to ask the Lord for direction for this particular group of kids. Don’t just assume your last method will work again. Plus, even if the model might “succeed”, if it is not the path the Lord desires for this group, the eternal significance will be diminshed.

Make sure everything you do has a purpose. Plan out an entire year, alongside a ministry team, taking into account all the previous ministry did. You don’t want just a missions heavy ministry, or a discipleship heavy ministry, or one based only on evangelism. Obviously, all of these wil be a part of your ministry. The point is not to focus solely on one or the other. Lastly, one of the most important things you can do is to find one student to disciple, and begin to pour everything you have into them. The results will be amazing and will have a huge effect on your entire ministry.

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