Why advertise in the Current?

Why advertise in the Current?
If you decide to advertise in The Current, you are reaching a market of youth ministers all over Texas.  In addition to being listed in the resource section of the magazine, you will also be placed on a resource database on our website.  Your message will literally be seen by thousands every single month you decide to advertise in The Current.  You’ve got a message, let us help you reach your audience.

What’s different about advertising in The Current?
We are not just a magazine, what we do is ministry.  As such, we understand what you are trying to accomplish.  You are not dealing with a multi-million dollar corporation seeking to direct market your ministry – you are dealing with people who are, and have been, in ministry.

It’s Cheap – no really it is – think about it!
It really is very affordable to advertise in The Current – similar advertisements can cost upwards of $5000.  If you begin to consider the cost of your own marketing campaign it is quite astronomical and time consuming.  In addition to gathering a database of ministers, you have to design the advertisement, pay for the production of the material, pay for the postage, mail it, and then hope it does not get discarded with the thousands of postcards youth ministers receive every single month.   We do the work for you at an unbelievably cheap price.  Why?  Because this is about the advancement of the Kingdom of God, not growing a huge corporation.

People do not throw away periodicals like they do postcards.  As a youth pastor, I received hundreds of postcards from all kinds of bands, speakers, shirt companies, travel companies, etc.  At best, they received about 5 seconds of my time before nicely being deposited into the trashcan.  Why?  Your message often gets lost by the great number of people doing the same thing.  A magazine however, presents a totally different story.  Each month’s magazine is full of interesting articles, youth pastor freebies, and resources.  In turn, your advertisement will be seen over and over again.  WE have found that many of our youth pastors keep their magazines as a continual resource because of the phonebook for youth ministry and the free lessons, devotionals, etc.